The Features Of Bio Tower

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FEATURES OF BIO-TOWER: 1) Aeration by natural draught Plastic Media have increased the BOD5 removal levels 90% apart from increasing the organic and hydraulic Loading rates. The plastic media offer very low resistance to air, provides Maximum contact of air, waste & bio mass, provide thousands of crossover points per m3, thus leading to a very good aeration by natural draught or ventilation. The air requirement is met by providing Ventilation openings in the wall, at the bottom of the Improved Bio-Tower, having a size of 4-6% of the cross-sectional area of the Bio-Filter. This way a daily air volume of more than 100 m3 air per m3 of fill circulates to provide the necessary oxygen to the microorganisms. by natural draught The Oxidation of Organic matter in waste water and synthesis of new microbial cells takes place in following way: Oxidation COHNS + O2 ------------- → CO2 + NH3 +C5H7NO2 + Other end products Organic matter Bacteria New cells Endogenous respiration C5H7NO2 + 5O2 ----------→ 5CO2 + 2H2O + NH3 + energy New cells Bacteria Micro-bial Layer 2) Simple support system The modules on the bottom layer are installed with the longer sides at right angles to the support beams. The module supports can be nominal 100 to 150 mm beams at 600 mm or 900 mm centres. This is possible due to the strength of
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