The Features Of Different Types Of Meetings Essay

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rinciples of providing administrative services 1.1 Describe the features of different types of meetings There is many different types of meetings, there could be a one 2 one meeting that you have with a manager or line manager where you get feedback on what you have been doing and how you are coping with the work load you have, you could talk about changing systems in the workplaces to make it more efficient for everyone or it could about you want to leave the job you are in and you and the people within your meeting are trying to find a solution to make you feel happier within the work place. It could be to discuss any problem you are having or whether you have seen something that someone else has done and it is not making you feel very comfortable and it’s not suitable for a workplace. There is also team meeting, which one team is coming together, discussing interesting cases, they have worked on or if there are any issue how they can be resolved. There are board meetings where you get, the higher up people; the people in charge of certain organisation will discuss bigger problems, whether it is being budget cuts, job roles and competition, the problems that may occur is someone could be running late so the meeting will be delayed or there might not be enough stationery which means I would need to go find the right amount of equipment and have to interrupt the meeting to hand it out.. Informal meetings are where there is no agenda but you know you will be questioning

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