The Features Of The Tnq Experience

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 A description of the features of the TNQ experience that is most likely to appeal to the target consumers.
• Focus on what is truly unique or memorable or engaging about a destination: this is one of the most important aspects that consumers would think about because when consumers come to visit the country, they would like to see memorable places in those states. TNQ has to try to promote this especially through an online advertisement so customers could made decision on it.
• Meet the needs of identified target markets: Know what consumers really want from the exhibition or using inquiries as the solution for TTNQ to know the basic needs of consumers. Some consumers may want more travel time, affordable price, good service mind and
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It’s not hard for TTNQ to build connection because local agents will know more about consumers’ behavior.
Encourage increased length of stay in TNQ It not easy to encourage consumers to stay longer because when travelling they would likely to book a return ticket. However, this is not impossible because TTNQ could come out with attractive promotion to encourage consumers to stay longer. TTNQ needed to think about any attractions that allowed consumers to use their time wisely but it had to be affordable price as well. To be able to do this, TTNQ needed to survey of which is the longest day consumers would spend in the country. The information could be collected and resulted as tour packages with some discount allowing consumers to spend their money but have a wonderful memory by going to unique attractions in the country.
Develop our shoulder seasons through business, sports and special events This could attracts consumers by the sports or special events such as AFL or other important events leads to consumers to visit the country. TTNQ could promote on upcoming events to be able to maintain and attracts consumers who may want to try understanding local people more when come to visits the country. They could add on special events to the package as complimentary to allow consumers to choose these packages. It would help to maintain the success of TTNQ in order for the organization to

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