The Federal Bureau Of Investigations

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21 November, 2014
The Federal Bureau of Investigations was initially a group of secret agents created in 1908 by Attorney General Charles Bonaparte. Bonaparte created the FBI under direction of 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt. For the first couple of years, the amount of federal crimes was very low. The Bureau spent most of their time investigating things such as national banking, bankruptcy, naturalization, antitrust, peonage, and land fraud. In June of 1910, the FBI grew larger because the Mann Act. The Mann Act made it a crime to transport women to other states for immoral reasons such as what would be labeled as prostitution in modern terms. The FBI could now prosecute people who tried to flee over states lines. Because of its continued worth and effectiveness, the FBI 's number grew to over 300 special agents and 300 support employees over the next few years.
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When The FBI first started, it required little to know specific training. However, it was a group of undercover agents at the time so there weren’t very many kids who wanted to grow up and become something that they have never even heard about. Today, however, there are a series of long and challenging tests to become an FBI Agent. In order to qualify for the FBI’s Academy in Quantico, Virginia, there are four tests that have to be passed.
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The First is the Physical Fitness Test. The…
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