The Federal Communications Commission ( Fcc )

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for regulating the content that a viewer can see on broadcast networks in the United States (Title 47). Content that is prohibited includes highly offensive swearwords and sexual material that is considered offensive by community standards. While the FCC can prevent such indecency and profanity from appearing on broadcast networks like ABC and NBC, it has no jurisdiction over basic cable channels, premium channels or streaming services. In recent years, premium channels like HBO and streaming services like Netflix have released shows with extremely graphic violence and sexual explicit content. This uninhibited content can be consumed by viewers of any age who pay for access to these channels or services. While most of these shows are aimed at an older audience, many younger viewers watch as well. Because these forms of media are becoming more popular in younger generations, it is important to know the effects that uninhibited content could have on younger viewers. Do shows with uninhibited content, like Game of Thrones, make viewers between the ages of 12 and 17 less likely to be disturbed or affected by real world violence? The theory of desensitization can be used to answer this question. Desensitization can be defined as a diminished emotional response to negative stimuli and can occur when the same emotional response is evoked repeatedly. When referring to violence, desensitization refers to the diminished
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