The Federal Exchange And The Local Governments's Affordable Healthcare System

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The federal exchange and the local governments launched their affordable healthcare system on October 1, 2013. Their system crashed, timed out and or froze before consumers could were able to complete their applications. There was one state that outperformed the federal government’s exchange. This state had the only up and running system since the beginning. This was the state of Kentucky. Kentucky, under the advisement of Sparx, their outside contracted IT experts, used a reusable framework which gave them a head start to this large statewide project. This project duration was little over 27 months of constant planning, designing, and development of this state level exchange. Due to the success of Kentucky’s affordable healthcare system, I believe that Kentucky should be the in charge of the health insurance reform. The federal government should appoint the state of Kentucky to design a universal system for all of the states. They will to keep up with the high demands as the population continues to grow. Kentucky will need to increase their application turnover rate and improve their services and products that are provided to the public. Kentucky should develop a new level of automated systems that can make the application more efficient when applicants are applying and renewing their health insurance. It was wise to reuse an old system. Although Kentucky ‘s healthcare system was successful, how will they continue to protect the

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