The Federal Experiment : The Government Experiment

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The Federal Experiment After the period of presidential election was done in America, George Washington took a position of the first President of the United States. He chose John Adams to be his vice president, and they were certainly Federalists, which established by Washington, Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, and Henry Knox. He also invited others to be part of his department. There were Thomas Jefferson, who performed secretary of state, Alexander Hamilton, who was treasurer, Henry Knox, who was secretary of war, and Edmund Randolph, who was the head of the justice department and attorney general. During that time to the beginning of the 19th Century, there were many important things that changed America and led it to a new political era, and those were the new political structure, parties, culture, and a party system. During the beginning of 1790, Hamilton submitted his report, which was the Public Credit to Congress in January for managing the unpaid Revolutionary debts. He required Congress to pay foreign debts. In December, he passed his report again to Congress about the Bank of the United States for chartering a central bank and allowing the bank to made loads. Then, President Washington “approved the bank opening in Philadelphia…” (Gillon, pg.250). In 1791, Congress let Madison improved ten of twelve amendments as the Bill of Right, also known as the constitutional amendments. And these ten amendments supported Congress and made its authority

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