The Federal Express Air Carrier Service

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Federal Express is a company that was founded on the idea from a term paper created by a Yale Undergraduate student, Frederick Smith. Smith was able to envision a future with successful, global air carrier services that delivered what the customer wanted. Using this vision and staying true to the company values Smith grew his small company in the second largest global carrier. FedEx was built through hard work and dedication to a better service. FedEx is a strong company today and continues to deliver packages all over the world from their base in Memphis Tennessee. Keywords: FedEx, Federal, Express, airline, carrier, services The History of the Federal Express Air Carrier Service
People are always looking for faster and more efficient ways to ship packages. Stores and suppliers are anxious to deliver their goods faster, and customers are anxious to receive their items sooner. When the first airplane took flight a new industry was born, air cargo. The first shipment ever recorded was small parcel of silk sent from a department store to a customer who was pleased to receive the package faster than previously possible. Since then, this business has developed into a global industry providing package delivery around the world. One of the leaders in this industry is Federal Express, now known as FedEx.
The Beginning
When Frederick Smith, a Yale University undergraduate student started thinking about the air carrier industry, it wasn’t a new concept.
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