The Federal Government And Education System

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The Federal Government and Education Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution declares that the US Government is responsible to tax the people for the “general welfare of its citizens”. Under this clause, the Government has taken the responsibility of education; not to micro-manage the education system, but instead to increase the efficiency of it. In the past, states and local governments have maintained primary control of the education system, which has led to many problems. The differences in curriculum, quality, and administering as well as other aspects of public education are vastly different around the country, which has actually inhibited America’s ability to succeed. Many of these issues could be resolved with a shift in power in terms of who is controlling the country’s academic system. The Federal Government should have a significant amount of regulating responsibility in America’s education system, because it standardizes the quality of education across the country, presents an opportunity of equal education for all students, and regulates teachers. With the Federal Government regulating education, a national standard of schooling will become available. This means that there will be set expectations for how well a student does in school as well as standards for a quality education across the US - the education on one side of the country will be exactly the same as on the other side. Having a national academic standard is important because “standards spell out…
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