The Federal Government Hiring Process

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The memorandum created to address and alter the federal government hiring process. The intentions of the memorandum were to generate brainstorming, support, collaboration and an effective plan through OPM, OMB and the agency management team. The goal to improve the recruiting and hiring process could ensure high-quality candidates. The federal government recruits and hire highly qualified employees to support and provide services to the public. Nevertheless, the federal hiring process discourages many highly qualified candidates from pursuing and achieving jobs in the government. President Obama ordered and issued a memorandum to modernize the hiring procedures within 180 days. Moreover, the problem was address to executive departments and agencies. Collectively, agencies, hiring managers, interest groups and OPM exhibited different point-of-views regarding the reform process. Agency such as the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has a unique opinion regarding the reform. The AFGE preferred the reform would restrict the Federal Career Intern Program, since the program is exclusively design for new hires. The program eliminates competitive procedures and opportunities for Veteran’s Preference. Some argue that the hiring process includes an interruption between the federal and non-federal pay, effective recruitment announcement, the S.736 Act, and candidates who are not involved in the targeted group. Others claim that President Obama memorandum
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