The Federal Government Should Work On Promoting Either Nuclear Or Solar Energy

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Summary of Contentious Issues The federal government should work on promoting either nuclear or solar energy. Energy is important for survival on a daily basis. In fact, the development of any nation depends on the long-term availability and increase of clean and safe energy that also supports the environment. Currently, no energy source can be said to be sufficiently capable of meeting future needs that a nation requires. It is important therefore to promote any particular type of renewable energy. Promoting and enhancing solar energy would be a better move to take. It is better for the environment if the federal government work on improving solar energy usage. Installation of solar panels by Americans continues to increase with each passing day. Despite this positive progress, this avenue of power is not fully exploited because of lack of infrastructure to store solar energy. Solar energy was ranked as the third electricity-producing source after natural gas and wind energy thus accounting for fourteen percent of the total electricity produced. This significant contribution of the solar energy shows that when properly exploited, solar energy can be a major source of electricity for the country. However, there is need for the issues surrounding its maximum exploitation to be addressed. The government should subsidize infrastructure. The most important infrastructure that the federal government should look into includes connection to the power grid, conversion of the solar

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