The Federal Mogul Goetze Limited

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FEDERAL-MOGUL GOETZE LIMITED was originally founded on November 26, 1954, under the, 1931, Indian Companies Act. Federal-Mogul Holdings manufactures the vehicle products, including chassis, brake fiction and wipers. Goetze and Goetze Brico give leading–edge advancements and aggressive answers for unique gear producers and the car reseller 's exchange. This company is a supplier of supplier of quality products, to makers of light commercial, automotive, off-highway vehicles, heavy-duty, as well as in generation of power, marine, aerospace, industrial and rail.


Company’s Net income in the year ended December 31, 2013 was 241.5 million dollars as compared to 250 million dollars in the year ending with December 31,
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As far as requirements of funds are concerned for the operations of the company, no dividend is advised for the year ending with December 31, 2013. Following are the operations of the company.


Revenues and Expenses

The revenue of the company in the year ending with December 31, 2012 was 2,554.73 dollars. However, in the year ending with December 31, 2013, the revenue was dipped to 2,467.10 with a total difference of 87.62 dollars. The expenses incurred in the year ended 31st December 2012 was 2,570.86 dollars. In the year ending with December 31, 2013, the total expenses were 2,402.51 dollars.


(1) Industry developments and structures

The makers of auto component are facing the problem of slowdown. Due to the less growth in passenger car segments and commercial vehicle, the supplies of the makers of the components fell as well. The fall is a combination of low local demand and the declining exports. Operational excellence, management of risk and planning of scenario are assured to become the key range for success. The components of auto industry, world-wide has faced economic restructuring. The deceleration of sales in many markets in the industry of auto component s was not a long-term challenge, but a considerable market share loss in increasing competition in the local
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