The Federal Republic Of Germany

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The Federal Republic of Germany is part of the EU (European Union). Its capital is the beautiful and globally famous city of Berlin. It is composed by the union of 16 individual states, where people have the freedom of religion, press and free market economy. Germany has a long history, this town, just as the majority of all the European towns, was established during the Roman Empire. More than 200 years ago, the north and west regions of Europe were filled with Germanic tribes, and even though Julio Caesar pushed the limits of the Roman Empire to the east of the Rhine river, the Romans were not able to conquered that region nor north Danube, which is now known today as the beautiful country of Germany. In 1949, the German Federal Republic became a constitutional, parliamentary democracy. Since its reunification in 1990, the country has been composed of 16 federal states.
After having a four-hour conversation via FaceTime with a dear German friend, whom I had the privilege of meeting back in 2013 when I first visited Germany, I summarized as much as I was able to the history of this precious country. It was not easy due to a lot of important events that happened but here is my summary: On November 4 of 1918, the German revolution took place with about 40,000 marines that invaded the port of Kiel. Three years later, on November 1921, the Sturmabteilung aka SA was formally formed by Adolf Hitler. On November of 1923, an army coup organized by Hitler failed, but again in 1938,
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