The Federal Reserve

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Every year Time Magazine comes out with a special edition titled “The Worlds Most influential People” Everyone from Presidents, Kings, Celebrities, and Authors make this annual list. The names are some that everyone recognizes: --------------------------- however, a name that frequently appears is one many people may not recognize, Jannet Yellen. Jannet Yellen is Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, and arguably the most influential person in the world. The Federal Reserve is the bank of the United States. The Federal Reserve’s decisions, approved by Jannet Yellen, impact the entire US Economy, the largest and most important economy in the world, almost instantly.
The Federal Reserve is quasi-private. It is not apart of the U.S.
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These reserve banks also have their own Board of Directors, which is made up of 6 people appointed by the member banks who hold stock in the reserve bank, as well as 3 people appointed by the Board of Governors. Together all of these banks make up the Federal Reserve, and attempt to manipulate the economy through the use if the FOMC.
The FOMC, Federal Open Market Committee, is a group made up of the 7 Board of Governors, the President of the New York Reserve Bank, and 4 other Reserve bank presidents who switch with other Reserve Bank’s on one year terms. Together these members meet and vote on the policies in which they believe they should enact given the current and predicted future state of the economy.
The Federal Reserve is the single entity in control of the monetary policy of the United State of America. Monetary policy is the process that the Federal Reserve takes in order to control the supply of money and to attempt the control the direction of interest rates. The reason for doing these actions is in attempt to control the country’s inflation and employment rates, which are the biggest indicators and factors of a healthy economy. The inflation rate is constantly changing every day. The entire investment community is always on the look out for what the future inflation rate may be. It has been proven that a healthy economy preforms best when inflation rate is
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