The Federal Reserve

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U. S. MONETARY POLICY Life: Where do we come from? How did we get here? These are questions each one of us eventually asks ourselves and, in so doing, searches for the answers. It is intrinsically woven into us to know the basis of what sustains us. Why is it then, that the general public is satisfied in knowing only about current celebrity gossip and is content to remain ignorant when it comes to where our currency originates and how it is produced? Some may find it too confusing and overwhelming a subject about which to think. Is it possible that its perplexity is not by mistake? James Corbett mentions in his documentary, Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve, “Our monetary ignorance is artificial, a smokescreen that has been erected on purpose and perpetuated with the help of complicated systems and insufferable economic jargon.” (Corbett, J., 2014, July 6. Federal Reserve For centuries, banks have relied on fractional reserve banking. This is the method in which only a fraction of a bank’s deposits are actually backed by a reserve of cash-on-hand, available for immediate withdrawal. This procedure allows the bank more capital to lend and at the same time, grows the economy. The reserve amounts are determined by a ratio stipulated by the Federal Reserve. In theory, fractional reserve banking works most of the time. However, in difficult economic times, people have demanded to withdraw

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