The Federal Reserve System And U.s. Monetary Policy

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This report discusses the association between the Federal Reserve System and U.S. Monetary Policy. It mentions that the government can finance war through money printing, debt, and raising taxes. It affirms that The Federal Reserve is not a government entity but an independent one. It supports that the Federal Reserve’s policies are the root cause of boom and bust cycles. It confirms that the FED’s money printing causes inflation and loss of wealth for United States citizens. It affirms that the government’s involvement in education through student loans has raised the cost of a college education. It confirms that the United States economy is in a housing bubble, the stock market bubble, bond market bubble, student loan bubble, dollar bubble, and consumer loan bubble. It supports the idea that the Federal Reserve does not raise interest rates because of the fear of deflating the bubbles they have created in recent years.

What’s Wrong With U.S. Monetary Policy
The Federal Reserve System was enacted by Congress in December 23, 1913. Its purpose was to eliminate banking panics. It is made up of twelve individual Federal Reserve Banks nationally. The question is who owns these banks? According to It is actually owned by big private banks. They elect a board of directors for each of the Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve is not a government entity but an Independent one. It does not need any approval by Congress or the President when it comes to monetary
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