The Federal Reserve System

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The Federal Reserve is a federal system enacted to help balance the monetary system of America. Overall, the system is meant to encourage economic growth. However, there are some flaws of the system that result in economic chaos, such as stealing and inflation. It’s vital to understand the biblical principles that are overstepped by the Federal Reserve to determine if it is a system that aids Christian practices. Thus, one can observe the important role that the system plays, but also the problems that its flaws can create by overstepping Christian principles.

The Federal Reserve system was created to help maintain a balance for the monetary system in America. Not only does it help regulate the flow of currency, but it also oversees banks and therefore influences Americans on a personal level with their finances. Evidently, the system is deeply webbed into the federal system and everyday American life that it is now the system that is largely used help to keep order to the economy. While the system has been beneficial, it’s also had its moments where it has created chaos. For example, the system has caused inflation, which has harmed
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1-4). Therefore, the Federal Reserve is often involved in bailing out banks, deciding who gets bailed out, and the overall money spending of the country. The Federal Reserve lives up to its name and is the well that finances the country. Clearly, the system is an important part of America, and controls many important aspects of a stable country and economy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the system doesn’t have a trail of bad decisions that have actually harmed the economy and
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