The Federal Reserve System ( Money )

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^The Federal Reserve System Money, it certainly does make the world go round, and the reason it is able to do so, is because people have trust in this little piece of paper. Around the globe there is no piece of paper that inspires more confidence. Officially, the US Dollar bills are Federal Reserve notes. Every note that is spent or received is part of a complex organization known as the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve System is the integral component that keeps the American banking system afloat. It is, in essence, the governing body of banking and is responsible for many policies, laws, and regulations that have shaped the American banking system into what it is today. This institution has garnered a lot of support, as well as faced a lot of backlash in times of financial turmoil. However, observing the facts and analyzing the history of the Federal Reserve System will show that is has largely been a positive force in America. The Federal Reserve System plays a large role in both the national and world economies and is therefore heavily scrutinized. Under such scrutiny, one can find that a positive and significant relationship exists between the Federal Reserve System and the economy because of the policies the Federal Reserve enacts, the Federal Reserve’s regulation of interest rates, and the Federal Reserve’s response to crises in direct connection to economic stability. In order to firmly grasp the driving concepts behind the Federal Reserve’s policies…
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