The Federalist 51 Argumentative Essay

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Federalist 51 Argumentative Essay In order to have a stable government one must first be able to separate its powers equally among its members. James Madison explains how he wants the government to be broken down into three branches, the legislative, executive and judicial branch. This is the case in order to not give anyone more power than the other and to keep members from having little to no communication with members of other branches. Madison wrote Federalist 51 in 1788 in order to state his opinion on how he thinks the powers of government should be handled and distributed. He also talks about his concerns of what could happen if the government is not secure and the troubles that could occur. Madison while writing this essay is wanting to convey what he thinks a powerful government needs in order to survive and have as little problem as possible. He highlights on the powers of the legislative branch should and should not have. In this argument Madison is speaking of how the governments power should be given equally towards each branch because he believes that power can not be controlled by one branch alone. This applies to the security of power by dividing the legislative branch into smaller branches. What this does is separate the powers with the legislative branch into two smaller branches called The House of Representatives and the Senate, which has checks and balances between them. This was done because if one looks at all the branches as a whole they would see
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