The Federalist Papers : Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, And John Jay

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• The authors of The Federalist Papers are Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. The book is edited by Clinton Rossiter, and has introduction and notes by Charles R. Kesler.
Alexander Hamilton was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, along with being the first secretary of the treasure of the United States. Hamilton was a man of many things: a Government official, author, military leader, economist, lawyer, and political scientist in his short lifetime. As ambitious a man Hamilton was, he obtained his first job at the age of eleven. Hamilton kept himself bust, determined to be successful, and enrolled in Kings College for a short time. When the Revolutionary War started Hamilton left college to join the Provincial
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He also worked to draft the Bill of Rights, and served in the House of Representatives in his time as a politician before he was elected the fourth President of the United States. (“James Madison.”
John Jay was born in New York and grew to be an influential man. Jay attended and graduated from Kings College and after established himself as a successful attorney. Although Jay feared a mob rule due to independence, he became a huge supporter of the revolution. Jay became a delegate to the first Continental Congress and began drafting the Address to the People of Great Britain. John Jay soon after became the first Chief Justice of the United States, Governor of New York, President of the Continental Congress, and Minister Plenipotentiary of Spain. As Minister, Jay had a mission to borrow money and gain access to the Mississippi river. Good as Jay was, he made liberal terms known as the Treaty of Paris, concluding the war. When Jay returned he found a position as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, where he became frustrated by the limitations the job offered. At this point he started collaborating with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. (“John Jay United States Statesman and Chief Justice.”
• I believe the authors wanted to remain anonymous because many people, especially in New York didn’t like the idea of the Constitution. These people thought the Constitution would be taking away the freedom they’d just gained. With that there were people
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