The Federalist Papers By John Jay

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The Federalist Papers, written in New York by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, during the years of 1787 and 1788, were a collection of eighty-five essays that were written to augment and garner support and to defend those concepts set forth in The Constitution of the United States of America (hereafter “The Constitution”), which had not yet been ratified. The Federalist Papers not only championed The Constitution, but they also explained how the new government would operate in the United States as further detailed below. It was crucial to the success of the new country that The Constitution be ratified; and Jay, Hamilton and Madison were prepared to do anything they could to see to the documents, as well as the United States, success. In September of 1787, The Constitution was proposed to The Confederation Congress. The Confederation Congress was a government that was made up of appointed delegates from the then, thirteen states. Since it was the supreme governing body, it was the party that was able to make the decision about the fate of The Constitution. The decision made was to turn the decision over to the states for ratification. Therefore, Jay, Hamilton and Madison wrote the Federalist Papers to ensure that there was going to be adequate support to have the states ratify The Constitution. Additionally, they were written to counter act the negative comments being made by those persons opposed to The Constitution, which included
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