The Federalist Party Vs. The United States

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By 1800, the Federalist Party was divided, clearing the way to the presidency for the Democratic Republicans. Federalists like Washington and Adams wanted the federal government to have most of the power in the United States. The non-Federalists, Jefferson and Madison, during that time wanted a small federal government with very little power. They were very much concerned with state rights and individual freedom for the people. The political shift from Federalists, Washington and Adams, to Democratic-Republicans, Jefferson and Madison, resulted in non-Federalists coming to power and a shifting of government focus, the repealing of policies such as the Alien and Sedition Acts and the Judiciary Act of 1808, and westward expansion. When Jefferson and the non-federalists came to power, they began to change former federalist policies they did not agree with. It began with Jefferson dismissing almost all the Federalists in office and replacing them with men committed to states ' rights and rights of farmers over bankers, industrialists, and merchants. The Democratic-Republic party dominated Congress and most state governments outside of New England. Upon taking office, Jefferson also set out to reduce the national debt. Jefferson was unhappy with the national debt that he felt was a legacy of Federalists like Hamilton and decided to shift from those policies. Hamilton believed that if the government borrowed from the rich citizens, those citizens would have conferred…
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