The Federalists Vs. Anti Federalists

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The prestige that America has acquired is an accomplishment that has been sought after and pursued for centuries. America’s success is due to its foundation from the U.S. constitution, allowing a national government both with and for the people. Our current constitution was made possible by federalists like John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and their supporters. Their contributions to the constitution are vital to the success that the Nation has attained. Without a moderate central government, America would not have its impeccable mixture of power, security, and freedom. If the Anti-Federalist had trumped the fight over the developing government, the United States of America would not be as successful and independent as it is today due to interlinked factors such as unity, security, and economic success.
The Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists Before the construction of the current constitution, many citizens named the Anti-Federalists shared concerns on the new founded America turning into the situation in which they just broke free from. They feared the power of the people being diminished by the central government, leaving them without secured rights, and returning to the same instance experienced in England. In their time these worries were still fresh and strongly feared, and rightfully so. Anti-Federalists wanted to have a weak central government with the power lying within each state, primarily so each state could regulate its own taxes, thus, preventing the
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