The Federation Of The Somali Republic

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The federation of the Somali Republic and the Role of the International Community
1.0 Introduction
From 1960, when Somalia got its independence, Somalia Republic was a constitutional democratic state with a constitution approved by a referendum. From 1960 to 1969, the constitution got rid of a civilian, legislative governance structure and protected human rights under the rule of two consecutive and democratically-voted governments. In 1969, bloodless military takeover took place and suspended the constitution. As a result of the oppressive rule of Siyad , there was massive dissatisfaction and revolt locally and also minimum participation of the global community in resolving the disaster that was building up in the country. The military
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The successful MPs subsequently elected the Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. The country has adopted a federal system of governance which is still at an early stage, and laden with confusion and constitutional ambiguities. Only one federal member state (Puntland) is in existence, and there are several emerging states although the processes and commissions through which federal states should be formed are yet to be fully formed. The international community and foreign diplomats assigned to Somalia play an integral role in facilitating dialogue among the key political actors, and their interventions have huge impacts in the future of the country. In order to have a functional federal Somalia, several issues should be tackled and addressed: Clarifying and amending the ambiguous and inconsistent constitutional clauses in the constitution, determining and agreement on the federal state boundaries, and putting in place resources and power-sharing mechanisms. Therefore, given these challenges and potential opportunities, the role of the international community, especially the regional bodies (IGAD, AU and others) should be based on a coherent policy which is in tandem with the aspirations of the
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