The Feeling Was Strange?

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The feeling was strange. Very strange. Kind of like super strange. See what I did there? No, oh but you will soon. Being only fifteen and discovering you 're somewhat of a superhuman isn 't as great as it may seem. Having the ability to exceed every sense known to humankind wasn 't so great either. When I say 'known to humankind ' I mean there 's more. Yeah, you read correctly. A normal human can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Myself, being an abnormal human can also sense other things.

You know that horrible feeling that you feel in your gut? The one that has your stomach churning, your heart beating, and your body aching. Now imagine that ten times worse. Okay, now imagine experiencing that whenever something bad happens. You have no idea how many times that actually does happen. Sure a normal person feels that every now and then but that 's more of anxiety. That 's what my parents told me when I told them. They even gave me pills claiming I would feel better. In all honesty, they made me want to throw up.

Anyway, that 's just a little bit of what I was feeling. But it wasn 't like a sense of danger, it was like gaining knowledge that you just know something really bad will happen. And not being able to do anything about it just made it all worse. What sucked even more was when I was able to recognize it. Something horrible would happen and the white flash would come. That basically told me, 'Hey buddy that sickening feeling you just felt was a warning for this.…
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