The Feet Of Jesus And The Earth

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In order to support yourself it is more than likely that you will have to work with either your head or your hands. Many Americans choose to work with their heads; however not all Americans were always given a choice on how they wanted to work. Viramontes’ Under the Feet of Jesus and Rivera’s And the Earth Did Not Devour Him gave accurate descriptions to the types of situations many Hispanic families used to face when trying to support a whole family while working in the fields.In both Under the Feet of Jesus and And the Earth Did Not Devour Him, Viramontes and Rivera illustrate how depending on physical labor jobs created additional obstacles for migrant families. In the novel Under the Feet of Jesus , Estrella is the oldest of the children and has a larger recollection of memories from when her family was struggling the most. Recalling the consequences of her father’s departure “...every job was not enough wage, every uncertainty rested on one certainty: food. The phone was disconnected. She remembered the moving, all night packing with trash bags left behind to a cheaper rent they couldn’t afford…”(14). Viramontes displays the severity of these situations because these memories are being recollected by a child. Even at such a young age, Estrella recognized that food was the main priority for her family, something they needed but were not always sure they would had. Estrella’s family faced additional struggles because they were seen as immigrants and automatically taken
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