The Fellowship of the Ring Response Essay

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Reader Response

The novel The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien is set in a fanciful world filled with strange creatures and magical happenings, but not everything is so unlike our world. Many of the characters change over the course of the story, just as we do over the course of our lives. Frodo, the main character and the carrier of the magical ring, is part of the mythical race of Hobbits, yet he is remarkably human. He has the same values as we do, and his small size hides his big heart. His journey throughout the novel changes his life and his outlook on life. In the beginning he is content with his quiet life, and his voyage leaves him lusting after adventure. Of all
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However the women wear their hair down and the men wear fancy embroidered vests, which suggests much later in time. I like novels with no set time, because they let me imagine what I want.

The Fellowship of the Ring has a lot of background information and long words. Tolkien does this in all of his writing. I disliked all the landscape in the beginning, but I grew to be thankful for the extra description as the novel went on. Tolkien’s world is complicated, with many mountain ranges, plains, deserts, jungles, and forests, and the rich description helps to keep them straight and also helps the reader imagine the world of Middle-Earth. Generally fantasy books that are written for children have less information and more action, but not this one. This book is written with many long and occasionally some made-up words. The names, for example the name Galadriel, are made of odd letters and have strange pronunciations, yet all fit the characters to a tee. The Elvish language made by the author flows off the tongue of the reader, and is a pleasure to say aloud. The book may seem dense to a reader who prefers fast-paced action, yet the description and the rich language simply enhance the plotline.

Tolkien wrote his novels as bedtime stories for his young children. When they were first published, they were sold solely as children’s novels. Over the years, however, The Fellowship of the Ring has become a classic read by all ages. How does
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