The Female Chauvinist Pig By Ariel Levy

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Ariel Levy explores a wide-spread set of unexamined ideas of the females of todays society, specifically the female chauvinist pigs. In order to analyze the female chauvinist pig Levy takes a look at several women of todays society and how these women live their lives and in particular, looking at how these women have succeeded in their lives and career paths by adjusting their appearances to basically come off to others as being a man trapped inside a woman’s body. Levy discusses how women have learned to embrace characteristics that would usually be stereotyped as male personality characteristics in order for them succeed in their life. She does so by taking real life examples from several types of pop culture, such as The Howard Stern Show, The Man Show, and Playboy, in which the female chauvinist pigs exist and how, within these structures, are gaining momentum and popularity. The concept that Levy proposes of the female chauvinist pig grabs your attention and doesn’t surrender it. It seems to be that Levy has drawn back a giant jalousie that has hidden the truth of the ways in which numbers of incredibly intelligent and talented women have made their presence known in the world by being labeled as a “female chauvinist pig.” This piece by Levy is important not only for what it says about the movement she described but also because she actually says it. Females have taken the stereotypical male personalities, put them behind lip-sticked mouths, and have gained popularity
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