The Female Partner Is Now 28 Years Old

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This couple have been married for three years. Prior to getting married the couple had only been together for eight months. This couple met online through Christian Mingle, a dating website. Both partners quickly feel in love. The female partner moved to a different state to marry the male partner a month before the wedding. The male partner is now 32 years old. This partner is six feet tall with a pale complexion and strawberry blonde hair. The female partner is now 28 years old. The female partner has a petite frame and is much shorter than the male companion at five foot two inches. The female partner also has dark deep brown eyes and an olive complexion. Both partners have a full time job which leaves the couple’s two children in daycare for a couple days a week. The youngest child is almost six months old and the oldest child is two years old. Couples Issues This couple has a few issues within their marriage. The first issue is that the couple do not have a secure attachment to each other (Harman et al., 2011). Instead the female partner has an anxious attachment and the male partner has an avoidant attachment. This is very damaging to a relationship and negatively influences the couple’s additional issues. For example, the type of attachment style the couple has will influence how the couple communicate. Communication is the next issue this couple have. The male partner stonewalls the female partner when there is conflict. Additionally, during arguments both
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