The Female Sex Hormone Estrogen

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Throughout history, women have had different roles, most were enforced. Women have long since been viewed as the opposite of men, a view carried by both men and women. Among many others, the most prevalent responsibility of women is to carry her child during fetal development, this does not make it her duty to rear the child once it is born. However, it is imposed upon her by internal and predominantly external male influences in life and with this the assumptions on how women are different from men such as caring, protective, emotional, loving, etc. These assumptions could perhaps be described as a byproduct of the female sex hormone estrogen (Logan). Estrogen has been known to be a neural stimulant that has been described as…show more content…
This was the role expected by women that at the same time were treated as property, married women were usually referred to as, “Mrs.”, followed by her husband’s name. They were traded, sold, and often due to their gender aborted, they were viewed as inferior burdens whose only duties were to work, make strong preferably male babies and suitable mates and be happy and never complain. It was not uncommon for an older bachelor of the late 1800’s to buy a man’s daughter for marriage, and at the time the prime marriage and child bearing years for a woman were from the start of their menstrual cycle to her late thirties. Seeing how most young men could not afford a dowry, most marriages of the time were between older men and significantly younger women. This also being the practice so that a man who is fertile until his closing years could have many heirs due to more years for birthing until a woman’s menopause and also so the woman could take care of the husband in his late years and be young enough to work and take care of her children. Also, it was not uncommon to sell a woman in a business deal to be a mistress, maid, adoptive daughter, laborer, anything viewed as beneficial to the deal. This is entirely different from today, the idea of a woman, though a diamond in the rough is way more progressive than it was in the late 1800’s, women are no longer treated like property, have greater value and
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