The Female Voice : Controversy Surrounding Equality Between Men And Women Essay

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Dafne Elias
Us History period 1
10 November 2016
The Female Voice
Controversy surrounding equality between men and women has always been present in history. Throughout centuries women suffrage has taken a tole in the way society views women. The positions and rights of women possess improvement through the last century.The status of Women in society has been jeopardized throughout the last decade. Misogynistic acts and practices have created a negative affect as to how women should behave and act. It is because of these social judgements that women face the progression of women as equal as men. Insinuated and conspicuous sexism lingers among educational, professional, and economic social structures. Women who deliberately pursue their assumed roles do not view it as oppressive compulsion in their life. Betty Friedan took a stand for women by refusing to deal with a society that actively oppressed and silenced women who were expected to fulfill certain roles . Such assertive roles disregarded the commitment of educated and motivated women , instead it delivered a inconspicuous message to society saying that educated women were greedy and vile.

In 1963 “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan censured limited and displeasing roles of the post World War II era with women 's rights. The book became an awareness for women by inspiring them to take a public stand for what they wanted to accomplish. As a result of her book helped her develop and become an
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