The Femenine Mystique and Feminist Theory: From Margin to Theory

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In the books The Feminine Mystique and Feminist Theory: From Margin to Theory all focus on Feminism. Feminism is a work of movements; theories and ideas all aimed to define, establish equal rights for women. Feminism came in three different waves, 1. The Suffrage, 2) Woman’s liberation movement, and 3) was a continuation of the second wave and its accomplishments and failures. Both of the books focus on the second wave of feminism and take us on a journey on how woman, black and white, survived the ninetieth and twentieth century.
In the Book, Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan begins to explain the different shifts of women’s thinking when it came to “her place.” In the fifties, many of the times, the women were the cookie cutter homemakers. These women focused on nothing but pleasing their husbands and children. These women used all of their time and energy on having a clean home, food on the table, multiple children, and a martini ready for their husband when he walked in the door. Women were looking to find a degree or have a career for themselves; Friedan said that many of the times, women went to college to find their MRS degree. The women back in time were living in a man’s world; another concern for Friedan was the fact that men created the magazines women were reading. This showed that women could not escape a man’s wants or needs. These magazines impressions were brainwashing to the women seeing that they did not understand anything else. A theme that I caught

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