The Feminine Touch

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Chess (2011) continues examining the ad’s contents by noting the presence of the feminine touch, which Erving Goffman describes as a cradling or delicate sense of touch. This is particularly relevant given the DS Lite’s touch-screen interface. As such, the content of the ad focuses on the woman playing, not the game or the system itself. Instead of including the woman in the domain of play itself, the ad resorts to presenting her as delicate and overtly feminine, thus dividing her from the rest of the gaming audience. A second case Chess (2011) examines is an advertisement for Wii Fit, a health-centric game and hardware addition to the Wii gaming system. The ad shows rows of models using the Wii Fit board, placed against a green background, where green is the color representing health and natural living. The white attire of the models contrast the background color, but supplement its meaning by representing purity and simplicity Kama all values that one may strive for while using the Wii Fit (Chess, 2011). In her analysis, Chess (2011) describes advertising attempt to tap into women 's body conscious aptitude. While Wii Fit seemed to posit itself as a product that anyone can use regardless of sex or ethnicity, the fact that it appears in magazines such as O and Good Housekeeping clearly Target a female audience and plays on the standardized value of healthy living (Chess, 2011). It is quite apparent that this type of game does not fall in the traditional realm of games,
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