The Feminism Of The Modern Media

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Another area that illustrates massive shifts in public opinion and judicial decisions involves gender discrimination. This issue area is extremely controversial as the feminist movement has been strong since the 1960s, paving the way for equality for women. Today in America, women take advantage of the rights feminist leaders have won while debating new issues. For example, in the past two years, the gender wage gap has been seen as a major issue with many men trying to claim it does not exist or, if it does that it is a woman’s fault for picking less lucrative careers (NOW 2016). The Feminist in the modern media is portrayed as crazy, with comments on feminist posts stating “Feminism’s goals are to demonise men, control and bully women, and secure advantages for feminists. It is an odious cult” (Guest 2015). This stereotype of radical man-hating runs deep and has destroyed the credibility of the movement (Bedard 2011).
This issue, most interestingly, was the hardest to find polls for. As a woman, I thought that this issue would be polled frequently as it affects more than half the United States population, but to my surprise the polls were scarce. I found hundreds of polls with one Google search for gun rights, but polls about gender discrimination in America were nowhere to be found. This shocking finding appalled me, but also speaks volumes about this issue. Presumably, based on the lack of data throughout the years on this issue, the public did not think there is any…
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