The Feminist And Queer Theory

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The Feminist/ Queer theory is a relatively new understanding in the world of sociology. This theory developed in response to traditional, male dominated classical approaches. (Buccieri 2014) Many people had realized that there was a lack of research on woman and their contributions to the world. Woman wanted- and still strive for- equal rights, conditions, and power structures to men. The Feminist/ Queer theory’s main goal is to defend cultural, political, and economic rights for women. The Feminist/ Queer theory evolved from many feminist movements and activists and there is not one distinct individual that claims the right to this theoretical perspective. I identify most with this theory out of the 4 sociological perspectives because I myself am a woman and have felt the every day struggles of a patriarchal society. The Feminist/ Queer theory is the most appropriate way to approach studying society because of the societal norms that have been brought upon culture against women.

In the Home
The first example I have about women living in a patriarchal society was just recently discussed in my modern culture class; we discussed women and their roles in the home. The basic average household used to have a workingman, who would come home at the end of the day expecting food, a clean house, and a happy wife. The phrase “happy wife, happy life” was used. Now a days, or at least in my own household, my mother is the hard worker in the family that brings in the central income,
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