The Feminist Criticism Of ' Antigone ' Essay

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Code Date Sophocles "Antigone" The feminist criticism approach evaluates how sexual identity impacts the creation and perception of literary pieces of art. It was originally an offshoot of the feminist movements but has currently employed certain approaches, such as the Masculinity approach, which is advocated by Robert Bly. Feminist criticism takes a primary role in articulating the patriarchal perceptions that have dominated the Western thought. The perceptions have consciously or unconsciously resulted in literature which is full of raw male-advocated assumptions. The current analysis aims at providing a feminist criticism of Sophocles "Antigone", with an objective to achieve an informed position. One of the major conflicts in the “Antigone” is the struggle between the males and the females. It is explicit that the two genders are involved in deliberate efforts for dominance. In addition, it is evident that the perception that men were meant to dominate the women is paramount. For example, Ismene tells Antigone that even from birth the females "were not born to contend with men" (75), which depicts the women 's subordinate positions in their interactions with the men. Besides, the phrase describes women obedience and their passive nature in the confrontation of the day-to-day activities in the society. The women are displayed as beings whose role is to observe and to have little control over the unfolding events at a given time. Within
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