The Feminist Era

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The feminist era started in the late 1700’s with English philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft whom started the movement of gender equality (Wonderslist, 2016). Since this time, several feminist continued the movement for women’s rights focusing on topics such as suffrage, voting rights, and women’s health. I have deep respect for our historical feminist and feel that the gender inequality continues to be a problem in our society that we must continue to fight. The problem is term feminism has taken on many shapes and beliefs throughout the century and we have lost our views from our historical feminist whom main focus was on equal rights. I examined several resources regarding feminism and found that I have mixed emotions regarding the term “feminism”…show more content…
The site states that they support the core feminist values of justice, nondiscrimination, and nonviolence. I feel that the choice of women to have an abortion is a value of justice and nondiscrimination. In the early 1990’s, I attended abortion site with my cousin whom was genetically testing for muscular dystrophy of her unborn child. I know the suffrage that her brother and family went through and supported her decision to abort. The activist that opposed abortions were at the clinical and were actually using the term feminist to support their cause. We were verbally attacked and had several rocks thrown at us upon entering and leaving the clinic. This experience is not a form of feminism that historically represented women rights and choices and I understand why the era of women against feminism has become of…show more content…
As a Nurse Practitioner, I do not perceive a problem with patient who contraindicate my own beliefs or values regarding feminism. Health care providers need to unbiased in their practice and respect the choices of women. We can provide safe choices for our patients and continue to develop a trusting, respectful relationship. Everyone has their own values, culture, and beliefs and it is our responsibility to accept their way of life and promote healthy outcomes in respectful
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