The Feminist Movement Has Done Much For Some Women

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The Feminism Revolution developed during the previous decades and played an important role, in many places including Canada. However, as Katha Pollitt (2007) stated, “The feminist movement has done much for some women, but it has hardly turned America into a playground free of sex roles” (p. 543). Studies conducted by Statistics Canada show that 1976 to 2005, women have increased their labor force participation greatly, and men have increased their time spent doing housework over the same span (Marshall, 2006, p.7). I believe that the Feminist Revolution, in Canada, is unfinished because women continue to make advances in politics field.
Stereotypically, men are considered better than women in every aspect naturally, politics included; also women not enable to make decisions in society (Clover, McGregor, Farrell, & Pant, 2011, p. 21). These stereotypes might be unfair, but they have left an impression still visible today. Research conducted in 2009 by Statistics Canada shows, only 21.1% of provincial and federal government is made up of women, and only slightly more than 25% in the local governments (Clover, et al., 2011, p. 20). This percentage of women might sound like a lot, but when put the numbers all together; there are only a few women. There was only one woman to be elected Prime Minister of Canada. That just shows how rare it is for women to hold a position in Canadian Government. Sometimes, women can bring a different perspective to political meetings. Slowly,…
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