The Feminist Revolution And How Society Uses The Power Of The Beauty Myth

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Today women have more money, power and rights than ever before. However the given scenario depicts one aspect of life that women fight a losing battle to everyday: the beauty myth. Many women feel that they are empowering themselves by achieving the perfect female ‘look’, using beauty as a means of self worth and as a tool to achieve their goals. These beliefs are a part of what is known as the stalled feminist revolution. By deliberating on how cultural changes created the resurgence of old sexism in new forms, it is easy to see how the feminist revolution came to a halt. This essay will examine the ways in which ‘the beauty myth’ has contributed to the stalled feminist revolution and how society uses the power of the beauty myth against women. The feminist revolution refers to the extreme changes in the gender system since the 1960s***. During this time women’s employment increased, sexual activity became widely accepted and was less risky due to birth control, more women graduated from university, and there were many other accomplishments that contributed to the equality of women. Most importantly with respect to the beauty myth, during the female revolution it was recognised that the notion that women had to aspire to an ideal body type was a sexist aspect of society. People began to question the notion that women had to look a certain way to achieve goals in life. Yet, despite the fact that women could achieve equality in the workplace, education, rights, politics,

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