The Feminist Theory And The Labeling Theory

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Throughout the world, deviant acts and social controls are committed everyday. An incredibly significant one that is often unreported is sexual assault within the military. Sexual assault is already determined as an extremely deviant act throughout the world. All acts of rape and other abusive acts should never be dismissed or ignored, but rape within the military is often not reported or recognized. If it is brought to light, the victims are generally in fear of losing their positions, rankings, homes, relationships with their spouses and families, etc…. This is not to state that men are not also victims of sexual assault, but women are much more prone and vulnerable to being attacked and harassed. I will be focusing on the female victims of military assault in this paper. There are two theories that I have applied to this deviant act. The Feminist theory and the Labeling theory both have attributes that are applied to sexual assault within the military. The Feminist theory focuses on the equality between men and women, and the labeling theory discusses the stigma of giving titles to those due to certain appearances, actions, etc… I have also found some solutions that could aid in bringing light and helping victims be more comfortable with reporting attacks. These solutions would involve creating safe zones within the military base for victims, although the entire base should feel safe for soldiers, but due to the issue then a space should be provided for those who are on
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