The Feminist Theory Of Women 's Representation On The Company Board Of The Australian Agriculture Company Essay

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This paper examines elements of the feminist theory that reveal an insight into Women’s representation on the company board of the Australian Agriculture Company (AACo). Through the notion of gender, feminists analyse relations of power concerning males and females, how that power is exerted and that the interaction has habitually, historically and socially instigated throughout time. There are four major lenses of feminism; liberal, Marxist, radical and socialism. The findings in this paper focus on the strengths and limitations of radical and liberalist feminist theories that propose reasons as to why women are underrepresented on company boards within the agricultural industry in Australia. The first section outlines the key tenets of radical feminist theory and liberal feminist theory, that is then followed with an outline of women’s current status in AACo and their company operations. Further, it explores liberalist public policy, societal and cultural norms in the scope of Carol Pateman’s Private/public sphere, Catherine Mackinnon’s dominance approach and examines real life examples of liberal feminist movement within society. Radical Feminist theory analyses the structures of power which subjugate women. The central tenet is that women are collectively oppressed by men globally. They hold the belief that male power is constructed and perpetrated through institutional and cultural patriarchal practices that aim to bolster male superiority through the buttressing of
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