The Ferguson Riots And Racial Profiling Essay

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Social movements are an integral part of a cohesive and progressive society. Movements have been made throughout history and so it’s unsurprising that so many have occurred in the relatively short existence of the United States. One particular movement in current history is the Ferguson protests of 2014 that were marked by rioting in the streets of the small St. Louis suburb. These riots serve to show the significant unrest surrounding the way black people are treated in this country as well as to demonstrate that racism is still a very large problem in our society.
The Ferguson riots were a product of a long period of discrimination towards and mistreatment of the black community in Ferguson and were ignited by the murder of a young black man named Michael Brown. Michael was shot and killed by a police officer who believed that the young man was a danger to his life. This is one of many of these killings that seem to be centered on racial profiling done by police officers, and fueled by the societal perception that black people (men, in particular) are inherently dangerous and usually armed. There has been case after case of police officers shooting innocent black men and women simply because the officers get scared and overreact. Police brutality towards people of color is something that desperately needs to be addressed so that we can prevent the continued loss of precious life.
The protest in Ferguson lasted for several days or weeks at a time, recurring several times
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