The Fertile Crescent

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1) The Fertile Crescent got its name from being a crescent shaped region in the Middle East that was extremely fertile after the end of the last ice age around 10,000 BCE. 2) Domestication is harnessing something in order to produce something else for human consumption whether it is a food or other product. The intentional production of beer was an example of plant domestication because people intentionally malted the grain to create beer for consumption. 3) The storing of grains had a major impact on hunter-gatherer societies because it meant they no longer had to rely on what they got in one day and instead could live in one place and harvest enough grain in a short period of time to live for a year without harvesting anymore grain. Once they had the ability to store grains they finally started to settle in one place rather than move around. 4) The Sumerians and Egyptians used beer as a social drink because it could truly be shared by two people at once with the use of a straw unlike food. These cultures also used beer as a gift to the gods in many religious ceremonies. 5) Farming paved the way for the emergence of civilization because as people were able to settle in one place they were then able to specialize in crafts and other jobs than just farming because one farmer could produce enough food for many people. This specialization grew into new fields and new jobs which eventually lead to modern civilization. 6) At first the consumption of wine in ancient Greece
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