The Fiction Film District 9 And The Novel Dawn

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Throughout the years discrimination will always affect in today 's society. Humans have made it possible to change society and end slavery. Slavery has always been a delicate topic, especially when it is experienced. Despite the differences between their color of their skin and culture slavery was abolished. Aliens depict a different feature of slavery but carry the same aspect. The novel Dawn and the film District 9 describe slavery in the sense of learning and rejection from both species. The science-fiction film and literature have not changed as many still reveal humanization with alienation in relation to our society. The artist of the science-fiction history has brought historic stories that relate to real life experiences that will…show more content…
My understanding is that the prawns are surrounded by humans and should remain in the section where only prawns are allowed. Prawns are contained in a section where they are controlled not to escape or to cause any damages to any human. District 9 is enclosed with spike wires, which to me symbolizes for all 'slave ' aliens are in control of humans. Historically, Prawns are the black South African humans that were emerged to look into survival during the time of Apartheid. The black South African was the humans that were inside district 9 with the prawns. The black African people were treated the same as the prawns under their own oath. Another sign of slavery is how the black Africans used their goods for trading with the prawns. The black Africans also had a sort of power over them especially when they had cat food. Wikus transforms into a prawn due to the black fluid that he accidently released from the metal tube he had found in one of the prawns home. Once Wikus was discovered he was transforming into one of them, the NMU biologist urged to examine him before he transforms into a full prawn. When wikus was taken to the examination facility, he noticed all the exercises the NMU manipulated and abused prawns. Prawns were not just being held in their section of District 9 but they were also being contained as slaves. The term slave defines as a person who is the legal
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