The Fiction Film District 9 And The Novel Dawn

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Throughout the years discrimination will always affect in today 's society. Humans have made it possible to change society and end slavery. Slavery has always been a delicate topic, especially when it is experienced. Despite the differences between their color of their skin and culture slavery was abolished. Aliens depict a different feature of slavery but carry the same aspect. The novel Dawn and the film District 9 describe slavery in the sense of learning and rejection from both species. The science-fiction film and literature have not changed as many still reveal humanization with alienation in relation to our society. The artist of the science-fiction history has brought historic stories that relate to real life experiences that will hope to reflect a positive social structure. In the works of communication, slavery stands as an option for both humans and aliens. In this paper I will examine from the science-fiction film District 9 and the novel Dawn that will implement the features of slavery of human/alien relation. In District 9 by "" has challenged human society in terms of alien relation. How? Prawns are the alien refugees that landed on planet earth. Humans welcomed the prawns to live in a section of the city District 9. The prawns were inviting with certain conditions and regulations they must follow. Slavery is a theme that has been expressed in District 9. The use of the racial signs that state "Humans Only - No Aliens" depict a racial characteristic but…

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