The Field Of Adult Education

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INTRODUCTION The field of adult education has a longstanding tradition of student-centered learning. More recently, there has been an increased emphasis in K-12 education on using student-centered instructional practices in ESL/EFL context. In the traditional classroom, students are the passive participants who spend their class time listening and taking notes or recording what they have heard; on the other hand, teachers are the solely original resource of knowledge or information and practice the “show and tell” model. This is the way how I learned English in my country, China, which is the EFL classroom. Nevertheless, under the circumstance of society which highly advocates choice and democracy, the student-centered approach which…show more content…
However, the adoption of the student-centered pedagogy in most classrooms is challenging and not as smoothly as they should be. Jabbour in 2013 stressed that some issues that restrain teachers from adopting a student-centered approach, for instance, lack of resources or facilities, the size of class, standard curriculum, standard examinations, school leadership and teachers’ professional development (Jabbour, 2013). In view of such statements from several researchers, the adoption of learner-centered instruction in ESL/EFL contexts seem to be problematic. Unless these restrains or issues are highlighted and addressed, teaching and learning in ESL/EFL contexts will not be as effective as administrators expect to be. In this case study, I interviewed an ESL teacher, Enid Lum, who has been teaching for ESL class about twenty years. She is my co-teacher when I am doing my student teaching. During her 20-year teaching experience, she has gone through the transition from teacher-centered pedagogy to student-centered pedagogy. In her classroom practice, she used to predetermine the objectives, give lecture for every course, take control over classroom decisions. However, in order to implement student-centered method, she is aware of that, the
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