The Field Of Clinical Psychology

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What compels a person to jump in front of a train? How does a person lose themselves to the point of oblivion? What kind of circumstances causes a person to numb themselves to the point of incoherence? How does one recover from an extensive amount of trauma? Those questions and many others gripped my mind the night my best friend wept in my arms after her mother committed suicide. Those are the type of questions I wanted answers to, and the questions that have propelled me to where I am now. Since that utterly heart wrenching moment, I have been enamored by the complexity of the human mind. Studying psychology for the past four years has allowed me to become much more passionate about people and mental health. The field of clinical…show more content…
While there, I contributed to a continued decade-long research effort seeking to understand why Ghanaians lack the mental health issues that are so prevalent in Western culture – particularly anxiety and depression. The project required extensive interviewing of participants to incorporate into previous years’ survey data results. I sat one-on-one with numerous locals, who told me tragic stories of their upbringings, recent tribulations, pains and struggles. I was a stranger to them, yet the transparency from each participant was remarkable. They each spoke of how God had a purpose for them, even though their circumstances were not ideal, and how they didn’t need to dwell on the bad because they have been blessed in other areas in their lives. The Ghanaian people possessed an astonishing ability to contact the present moment more fully as a conscious human being and to change, or persist in, behavior when doing so serves valued ends, psychological flexibility, that Americans seem to lack. After those three weeks in Ghana, I had a newfound desire to learn, to research, and to counsel. These experiences, these moments I have encountered in my life, have all served as pathways to what I am to become ultimately. I believe that these experiences would help me to become successful if accepted into the graduate counselor education program.
Through my experiences, I have become aware of the assets and challenges I possess that would affect my studies in the
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