The Field Of Community Mental Health

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The concept of tenure has always been a foreign notion to me. I believe this is mostly due to the fact that I do not work in the field of education. I work in the field of community mental health, where the concept of, “a job for life” is a ridiculous one. I completely understand that most of those who work in education would consider my previous statement a form of blasphemy, however I still attempt to take up and support my position. The history of education reveals that tenure held a much needed place in the development of education in general. Anyone who understands history at all can imagine a teacher or professor being exiled, ridiculed, or even killed for speaking out against church, government, or popular ideology. We can immediately identify Socrates as one of those profound professors who died, rather than to refute the truth as he knew it. No matter which side of the spectrum you stand on, you have to applaud the convictions of those who have historically stood their ground for that which they believed. Tenure was established to safeguard against this very idea of persecution. Other items such as academic freedom have also been put into place to further safeguard the pursuit of knowledge. Tenure was established to allow professors the freedom to speak and teach without the risk of losing their job. Essentially, it took power away from the university and society and created safeguards for the professor to research without reprisal, thereby expanding

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