The Field Of Computer Engineering

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In the field of computer engineering many virtues can apply and many of them may change depending on the situation. The virtues will also be different depending on which part of the code of ethics is considered. For instance the part of the code that discusses “avoiding injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action” has many virtues that could be applied to it. Those virtues could be care, caution, focus and honesty. To care about avoiding injuring others is fairly important because if an individual did not care or were careless then any project that they might work on could become dangerous to themselves or other individuals and also just not be complete. However if they were to care too much then the project could never be completed as they would find certain components of it to be too “dangerous”. In this sense the professional is overanalyzing a situation and believing that a hazardous outcome will happen even though it most likely never would happen. For the virtue of caring a professional would want to be in the middle ground by caring enough to not make the project completely dangerous and also to recognize that there is no way to make something one hundred percent safe. Caution is also a good virtue and is very much related to caring because if you do not care about a certain situation then why would someone be cautious. If a person were reckless then they would most likely cause some kind of injury or a defective product and
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