The Field Of Criminal Justice System

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Introduction Violence in the criminal justice system is often tied to the military structure of police organizations. In such organizations officers are discouraged from providing input on how to perform in their jobs. Violent confrontations between police and citizens in particular have been targeted with corrective measures (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2011). The field of criminal justice is meant to support the provision of justice, however, when violence perpetuated by criminal justice officers is present, justice is precluded. Herein, the various forms of police violence will be explored, prefaced by a consideration of criminal justice administration that highlights the growing burden of responsibility being placed upon police and corrections officers during a time when benefits and pay is dropping due to budgetary cuts and deficits. Criminal Justice Administration The field of criminal justice administration and management is the foundation upon which criminal justice organizations are built. The effective management of the organizations within the criminal justice system is a central concern of the government, and the government assesses the administration of criminal justice organization with scrutiny, as begun in 1967 at the behest of the President’s Commission. The methods that are commonly employed within criminal justice organizations and in their management and administration are increasingly being questioned in the modern environment. These methods

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