The Field Of Eating Disorders

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My goal in becoming a clinical psychologist is to specialize in the field of eating disorders. After obtaining my PhD, I aspire to become a tenured faculty member at a research university, using my research and clinical training to enhance the understanding of the etiology, course, and treatment of eating disorders. As an established researcher, I will leverage my research by writing grants to address my research hypotheses and disseminate my findings in journals and conferences. Additionally, I seek to evaluate the efficacy of various treatments in hopes of constructing a comprehensive and holistic model of care that properly addresses every aspect of the individual and his/her disorder. Through this research, I hope to provide valuable contributions to the field and to become a more effective and empathetic clinician. The firmly established passion I have for this area of study determined the experiences I pursued during my undergraduate years. Pioneering the first psychology research lab, I have worked as a research assistant for the past two years at Franciscan University of Steubenville with Dr. Stephen Sammut. I spearheaded the design and execution of a funded research study examining the relationship of exercise, spirituality, and well-being. My responsibilities included subject recruitment and collecting, coding, and analyzing data. The findings suggest that the integration of spirituality and exercise result in an increase in resilience and a decrease in…
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